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what to do when you're sad



what to do when you’re sad

  • have a dance party. it doesn’t matter what time it is, doesn’t matter if you’re alone (actually, i think it’s more fun when you’re alone in your room.) even if you feel like you can’t get up because of the sadness weighing you down, do it. trust me, it’s worth it. (here, i already made a playlist for you!)
  • hugs not drugs. sometimes when i feel crummy i ask my mom or dad or sister or brother or dog to give me a hug and it even if it doesn’t make me feel better completely, it takes some of the pain away! if you don’t have another warm body to hug, remember, pets are great for hugging, too. get hugged by friendly strangers!
  • take a shower. once again, it doesn’t matter if it’s 3am, or if you’re already squeaky clean, go wash away the bad feels, let your tears blend with water. really hot showers that burn your skin always make me feel revived. don’t forget that it also feels good to sing really loudly even if people are home. (praying in the shower is fun, too) maybe listen to a few of these songs
  • spend time in nature. take a walk. talk to the trees. look up at the sky. think about how huge the mountains are compared to you. think about how the creator of those mountains cares about you so deeply. count the stars. listen to the music of rushing water or wind. write notes on leaves. lose yourself in the beauty of flowers. they’re beautiful because they’re growing and because they don’t reject the rain when they’re in a drought and because God made them. (that may have been an analogy… find it.)
  • it’s okay to cry. don’t try to bottle it up, let it out. i like to watch movies that make cry when i’m sad. sometimes when i’m sad, the tears just won’t come for some reason, so i’ll watch the notebook or pay it forward or a walk to remember. crying is so cathartic. don’t think of it as a sign of weakness, but instead, an attempt at renewal. "perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again.” —Alex Tan 
  • talk it out. just like crying, don’t bottle it up. talk to a friend. talk to a family member. talk to God. talk to your journal (writing out your feelings is awesome.) talk through art (photography, painting, music, etc.) talk to your cat. talk to your dog. talk to your fish. talk to a stranger. sometimes all that is needed is an outlet. don’t turn to a negative one, but instead, find a positive and helpful way to express yourself.
  • go to sleep. a lot of the time we torture ourselves by staying up late when the storm clouds can find us at our most vulnerable state. i know how much it can hurt at night. don’t keep yourself up to fall deeper into your sadness or depression or anxiety. get comfy beneath your covers, listen to some piano music (i love dustin o’halloran) and close your eyes. everything feels better in the morning. you’ll wake up and remember, it’s a new day. (**if you want to nap during the day, i suggest 10 minutes, tops. i find myself waking up feeling crummier than before if i take a long nap.)
  • remember that you’re loved. please read psalm 139. god made you carefully with love and purpose. you are where you are for a reason. I know words are not enough, but if you feel like no one loves you in this world, remember that I do. remember that the way you perceive yourself isn’t necessarily how you actually are. remember to love yourself. remember how special and important you are… and  above all, remember there is someone who loves you more than anyone on this earth will ever be able to.

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